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Inkvent 2019

2019-12-29 [Edd Wilder-James]

All my Instagram posts from the Diamine’s Inkvent Calendar 2019. Here’s the swab of every sample to give you an overview: read on for close-up illustrations with each ink, and some videos of the shimmer inks.

This was a great amount of fun, and I hope they do something like this again in future. I left “Happy Holidays” inked up for regular writing in my journal!

Day 1: Blue Peppermint

Day 2: Candy Cane

Day 3: Snow Storm

Day 4: Polar Glow

Day 5: Triple Chocolate

Day 6: Ho Ho Ho

Day 7: Mistletoe

Day 8: Gold Star

Day 9: Nutcracker

Day 10: Winter Miracle

Day 11: Elf

Day 12: Noel

Day 13: Mulled Wine

Day 14: Jack Frost

Day 15: Festive Cheer

Day 16: Season’s Greetings

Day 17: Poinsettia

Day 18: Holly

Day 19: Gingerbread

Day 20: Midnight Hour

Day 21: Fire Embers

Day 22: Solstice

Day 23: Roasted Chestnut

Day 24: Purple Bow

Day 25: Happy Holidays

Ink Review: Diamine Purple Scribble

2020-01-04 [Edd Wilder-James]

You can find lots written about inks, their qualities, and how they work on different papers. There are some very talented reviewers, such as Mountain of Ink, who do a much better job than I could. What I can do is tell you how an ink feels to me.

scribble-purple-swatch-200.jpg scribble-purple-sampling-200.jpg

Diamine Scribble Purple is a private pleasure. So saturated it’s nearly black, and at first you wonder if it’s worth it. The deep royal purple comes out when you take a second look at your writing. It’s the subtlety that appeals to me.

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