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An AI Ink Name Creator

2024-05-26 Edd Wilder-James

Have you ever dreamt of creating your own unique line of fountain pen inks? Ever wished you could capture the essence of a color in a single, evocative name? Well, now you can!

Introducing the Ink Name Creator, your personal ink AI, ready to help you find the perfect name for your next masterpiece. Simply pick your favorite color and a theme that inspires you—nature, the seasons, emotions, holidays, or something else entirely. The AI will then work its magic, serving up a list of creative names tailored to your choices.

Give it a try! It’s surprisingly fun (and a little addictive).

Behind the Scenes: How the Magic Happens

This ink-naming wizardry is powered by Google’s Gemini AI, a cutting-edge language model. But because AI isn’t quite fluent in the language of RGB values (yet!), I’ve added a little trick, a “color matchmaker.”

The matchmaker first finds the two closest color names to your chosen hue, before sending them to the AI. In the example above, the color is “Orchid” and “Medium Orchid”, you can see these often get used in the name.

Armed with your theme and these color matches, the AI whips up a list of potential ink names, each designed to capture the essence of your selection.

A Few Notes

If the creator goes wrong, it’s likely one of these two reasons:

  • The AI is currently on a free trial, so you might need to wait a bit if it’s hit its usage limits.

  • Occasionally, the AI might get a little too creative and get blocked rather than creating unsafe content (especially with the “Valentine’s” theme!). If that happens, just try again—it’s still learning the art of tasteful ink naming.

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