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30 Inks in 30 Days: September 2019

2019-10-01 [Edd Wilder-James]

I decided to highlight a collection of some of my favorite, weird, and meaningful inks during InkJournal’s “#30inks30days” challenge this September. Here’s the entire archive, hope you enjoy!

What I used:

  • Pen: Conklin Word Gauge, Medium Nib
  • Paper: Stalogy 365 notebook

Day 1: Colorverse Monument Valley

Day 2: Vinta Inks Carnival Summer Green

Day 3: Monteverde Azure Noir

Day 4: Pilot Iroshizuku Asa-Gao

Day 5: Herbin Poussière de Lune

Day 6: Organics Studio Masters of Writing Henry David Thoreau Walden

Day 7: Monteverde Malibu Blue

Day 8: Vinta Inks Maskara Violet

Day 9: Parker Quink Black

Day 10: Colorverse Mariner 4

Day 11: Troublemaker Inks Hanging Rice

Day 12: Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo

Day 13: Blackstone Sydney Harbour Blue

Day 14: Vinta Inks La Union Vineyard

Day 15: Vinta Inks Armada Aegean

Day 16: Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Kai

Day 17: Herbin Gris Nuage

Day 18: Colorverse Dust Storm

Day 19: Organics Studio Nitrogen

Day 20: Vinta Inks Kosmos

Day 21: Xing Hun

Day 22: Vinta Inks Lucia Deepwater Blue

Day 23: Colorverse Monsoon Storm

Day 24: Troublemaker Inks Petrichor

Day 25: WHSmith Brown

Day 26: Troublemaker Inks Freedom Park Rose

Day 27: Vinta Sikatuna Sandugo

Day 28: Noodler’s Purple Heart

Day 29: Vinta Inks Andrada Teal

Day 30: Troublemaker Inks Abalone